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Pyramid Of Chephren

     This pyramid is also entirely design in the Report Book. The design is shown here re-created using a section of the descending passage, as illustrated with the Abu-Rawash example.

     In the next figure, I used a previous scaled figure of the Pyramid of Chephren. This pyramid is 471.24 ft. height and its sides are 705.76 ft. To calculate the location of point X (=D / ), the formula indicates (471.24) (2) /  = 582.48 ft.

     This 582.48 ft vertical distance; measure from the pyramid's top to the point where point  is located, is shown in the drawing by the circular arc segment and the vertical axis. In this pyramid, at point's  and the point X, an inclined line with slope 1:2 were drawn to intercept the pyramid's inclined face. The descending passage which originates at point  has its exit; at about 41 ft. over the pavement (which confirms the real vertical elevation for this entrances)

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