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Author: Samuel Laboy


From an Egyptologist for 30 years, worked in Giza, Engineer, from MIT University:

From another prominent Egyptologist:

To Dr. Zahi Hawasss: Egypt

A prominent civil engineer in Puerto Rico wrote a book on pyramid design. He did not address the who, when, how or why's---only the designing of  Khufu and others. Being myself an M.I.T. engineering graduate I have marveled at the sophistication of the design required by these structures, and after 30 years of study, can say that this book is the most intriguing, the most fascination idea I’ve ever encountered.

Reading the book is work, so it needs analysis by someone very competent in geometry and it would be helpful if he/she is versed in the pyramid itself and in the basics of design in general. I can assist you or whoever does the re-evaluation and can get the author, Samuel Laboy, to help too.


From a Professional Engineer, PhD, and Faculty Professor:

Your book, "A Civil Engineer Looks At The Great Pyramid”,  inspires and illustrates the full analytical study of the geometric planning and design of the great square pyramid of Egypt, which resulted in the accomplishment of this monumental work of Cheops’s Pyramid, marvel of the World in the past, in the present and in the future.

In this study you took in consideration, both, the external as well as the internal configuration of this Monument, which is considered evidence of the greatness of the Mathematicians and the Civil Engineers of the old Egyptian epoch.

This comprehensive work describes, with luxury of geometric details, the analytical method which defines the dimensional characteristics that possesses the Great Pyramid, both in its exterior aspect and as well as its interior geometric details.

It is amazing the fact that by means of this analytical geometric method you can corroborate with great exactitude all dimensions and particularities of this prominent engineering structure. There is no doubt that your work will facilitate, as using a screen, to separate hundreds, or thousands of theories,  books, prophesies,  and E. T, facilitating the over-all pyramids studies and investigations in Egypt.

I considered that Egypt owns to you 40 years of sacrifice in their benefit, and the world, the genuine solution of one of the greatest intriguing mysteries of all times. The worth of your investigative work will be treasured when the “court of world opinion” has had time to convene and all agree that you are absolutely correct.

I just compare your work for Egypt as a reincarnation of the (Vizier-Pharaoh) named Inhotep. I hope the Egyptian authorities understand the importance of your findings. I will spread the word about your fascinating work. Congratulations.

From a Professional Engineer:

I want to be the first, to congratulate you, for the publication of your invaluable and titanic work, and for share with the entire world the result of years of passion in your personal crusade for the understanding of the Great Pyramid mysteries.

From an Author:

Good Luck!  With your book. It’s a difficult task to write technical data for the lay person to understand, what you see clearly is difficult for others. I can see you have put a lot of effort and time into your work.

From an Architect:

The way I see it, you have found the design tool used by the Ancient Egyptians to design their monuments and have proven it by calculating the dimensions actually used to fabricate the structures.

What's more is that you have traced the fact that DaVinci understood of the correlation between Geometry and the universe, or at least was privy to that information, in his time.  He then reasoned that Geometry must therefore be able to trace its existence from the creator through to the physical manifestation of man...that man and therefore all physical manifestations of life are shaped by the physical forces that shaped the earth itself.  This is wonderful stuff!


To view it as the Architect/Engineer's logo is unprecedented as far as I know...that will be big news for the Egypt logical community!

From an Architect:

I am impressed with the enormity of your achievement!  How could anyone draw alternative conclusions to those of yours about the knowledge and sophistication of the Ancient Egyptians regarding their understanding and use of Mathematics and especially Geometry?  I am full of enthusiasm regarding the release of your book!

My gut feeling is that you are absolutely right.  The level of proof you present is beyond compare and any coincidence as well.  I offer my congratulations!

I now see from where your conviction, of the presence of the stone plates at the Queen's Chamber walls, emanates.  The actual dimensions between the walls inside the Queen's Chamber compared to your geometric model calls for the existence of the 5 inch thick plates.

I can see where your input would be more than valuable and where your design theory could be put to use in forecasting the conditions and elements in the few unknown areas of the pyramid.  We would be very grateful for your opinion, wisdom and knowledge.

Again, congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement!

From an Egyptologist:

Another Egyptologist sent me to your website because he felt you would be interested in something I recently ran across. I've been studying mostly the Khufu pyramid for 30 years and, as a former engineer, realize almost no attention has been paid to the designing of it and the others. Great care and great expertise was required before the first stone was put into place. Recently I learned what could be the answer but, trust me, what could be the actual technique is very precise, and the implications may be too much for the average Egyptologist.

What I learned at University, is, in the purest sense, there is no such thing in science as a "proof". What is a law or a proof in one generation can change for the next. The only aspect within science that a "proof" can exist is in mathematics, such as a theorem in geometry. A Puerto Rican Civil Engineer has written a book where he uses plane geometry plus a little solid geometry. This is the most remarkable pyramid related study I've ever seen.

So if you have an interest in pursuing the matter, I'd be happy to send you a copy or two of his book. If your math is rusty, your website indicates you have many associates with the necessary abilities. Please let me hear from you.

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